Community Service Academy Nepal (COSAN) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit making social organization formed by a group of health and developmental personal with a pure motive of helping the poor and socially deprived women through Women Health Project since AD 2000. COSAN works in partnership with different Government agencies, INGOS and NGOs at national and international level. COSAN has been able to help more than 7500 ladies with surgeries of 2nd and 3rd degree uterine prolapse. COSAN is legally registered in District Administration Office Bhaktapur (Reg. No. 558) and is affiliated in Social Welfare Council (Regd. No. 15858).

"People working together creation and expansion of self-reliant society for the betterment of women's health."

Curative support for the women suffering from Uterine Prolapse.
Preventive services through awareness Programs: Training, educational classes and counseling to reduce Maternal morbidity and mortality in the community.

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Sita Paudel, Tasarpu-4 says “Earlier I used to feel difficulty in walking and I hope that the ring which is being inserted here in this camp will help me feel more comfortable while walking. It would be a relief on our part if such screening camps continue to provide such services.”
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A FCHV, Deepa Sapkota, Chhatredeurali HP says “COSAN is doing good since it has made it possible for many women with low economic condition to get the free treatment for their problem of uterine prolapse. COSAN is helping rural women to get the services.”
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Sanukanchi Paudel speaks, “It was difficult for me to survive with the pains of uterine prolapse earlier and at times there were feelings like putting an end to one’s life. But now after the operation, I am feeling better and much relieved actually. This new life is bestowed to me by COSAN.”
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Saraswoti Pariyar speaks “It is my luck to get a god like you in my life without your help and support I won’t be able live my life happily. Now can sew the clothes and take care and make a good future of my three children.”
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